Mª Rosa Fusté

Directora / CEO

Mireia Aragonés


Cristina Garmón

Postproduction & VFX Manager

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8 Dec 2019

The spinoff to the successful series post produced at Antaviana Films already on the Movistar + platform


Last season of the very successful series “Merlí” can already be seen on Movistar + and will be broadcasted on TV3 this year. It’s Movistar +’s first Catalan language production, although after its success in Spain and Latin America the use of Castilian in the series shall grow considerably. This spin off, as the previous seasons, has been entirely post produced at Antaviana Films.


After “Marlí”’s surprising finale, the story focuses now on Pol Rubio’s life (Carlos Cuevas), Merlí’s best student who’s now following in his footsteps and studies philosophy at Barcelona University. During the 8 episodes of this new season, a more mature Pol begins a new stage in life with a new set of friends but without  losing contact with  Bruno Berjeron (David Solanas) with whom he experienced so much at the Institute.





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