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Directora / CEO

Mireia Aragonés


Cristina Garmón

Postproduction & VFX Manager

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18 Jul 2019

Pilar Palomero’s first feature film begins shooting; produced by Inicia Films and Bteam Pictures it will be postproduced at Antaviana Films


Starring Andrea Fandos and Natalia de Molina, Pilar Palomero’s first feature is already shooting in locations in  Zaragoza and Lleida. The film is produced by Inicia Films and Bteam Pictures, with the participation of RTVE, TVC, Aragón TV and Movistar +, with the support of the ICAA, ICEC and the MEDIA Programme;it has a budget  of 1,2 million euros.


The story of "Las niñas" [The Girls]  is set in the year  1992 when Celia, an 11 year-old girl, who lives with her mother is studying at a school run by nuns in Zaragoza. The arrival of a new friend from Barcelona, Brisa, will push her into a new stage in her life: adolescence.  In this voyage, Celia shall discover that life is made of many truths and also of some lies.


The film will be entirely post produced at Antaviana Films.



























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