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12 Dec 2018

Antaviana Films collaborates with the recently created Associació de Muntadores i Muntadors de Catalunya [Catalan Film Editors Association]


Antaviana Films celebrates the creation a couple of months ago of the first Association of professional editors, the AMMAC, which ranks amongst its files the majority of film editors currently working in Catalonia. Also Antaviana Films, which is very sensitive to the problems these film professionals face, has started collaborating regularly with the Association, whose task it supports.


The Association’s Chairman is Mr Domi Parra and its main objectives are, apart from representing a vast majority of these film professionals, to defend their professional and labour interests in front of public and private companies and institutions, to protect parity in the sector and to offer further training and studies to its associtates.


AMMAC was officially presented to the public this past November 16th during the Alternativa Film Festival of which Antaviana is also a patron.











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