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Directora / CEO

Mireia Aragonés


Cristina Garmón

Postproduction & VFX Manager

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31 Oct 2018

This documentary produced by Ottokar receives the Ondas Award to the Best Program broadcasted by regional TV stations


Directed by Jordi Vilar and Josep Morell, “Els Homes del Silenci”, produced by Ottokar, TV3 and TVE with the collaboration of ICEC (Catalan Culture Department), made history by receiving the Ondas Award to the Best Program broadcasted by regional TV stations.


This documentary which was broadcasted in TV3’s programme “Sense Ficció” tells the unknown story of a group of people who worked in the side wings of politics in order to bring back from exile on the 23rd October 1977 the Catalan President Josep Tarradellas and re-establish the Catalan Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Recordings from the period, made by Josep Maria Aragonés and Rosa Maria Fusté between 1985 and 1987, conform the historical basis for this TV documentary.


“Els Homes del Silenci”was broadcasted this year on the 15th May i and got an audience of some 464000, that is a 16,5% of the share. This documentary has been entirely post-produced at Antaviana Films.




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