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28 Oct 2018

The series, produced by TV3 and Bausan Films and directed by Agustí Vila will be postproduced at Antaviana Films


New shootings are beginning for projects which shall be post-produced at Antaviana Films. This time it’s the turn of a TV series produced by TV3 and Bausan Films, and directed by Agustí Vila, the successful director of “La Mosquitera” (2010) and starring Nausica Bonnin. “La Fossa”  will be 4 x 45 minutes episodes long plus two extra 90’ episodes.


This mini-series is a thriller telling the story of investigator Andrea Carmona as she tries to unravel the mystery of young David Martos who’s found dead in a common burial ground from the Civil War. The plot hidden behind this crime and the wounds the case reopens upset everyday life in the small village besides the Ebro River where the action takes place.


“La Fossa” will be post-produced at Antaviana Films.

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