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Antaviana Films has been in charge of the soundtrack of Carla Simon’s celebrated first feature

The brilliant yet short career of Carla Simón’s “Estiu 1993”, produced by Inicia Films, has been acclaimed yet again. The film has already been Awarded Best Festure at both the Berlinale and the Málaga Spanish Film festival and will now start travelling to other international festivals around the world.

It has been last selected for the prestigious BAFICI – Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival – to take place between the 13th and the 30th April 2017. Carla Simón’s first feature will compete in the Official Section.

The film tells six-year old Frida’s story and how she’s compelled to leave the city and go live with her aunt and uncle in the country after her mother dies of AIDS. The audience follows her emotional journey as she adapts with difficulty to the new situation in spite of the fact that she’s being loved all the same.

Antaviana Films was in charge of the final sound mix in the making of this film.



Mª Rosa Fusté

Directora / CEO


Mireia Aragonés



Cristina Garmón

Postproduction & VFX Manager


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