Entradas destacadas

El Testament de Rosa

A homage to Rosa Novell

Antaviana Films has actively taken part in the postproduction of Agustí Villalonga’s project on Mary’s Testament. Produced by Massa d’Or Produccions and El Testamento de María, this film which revolves around the rehearsal’s of Colm Tóibín’s play Mary’s testament, is homage to the late Rosa Novell. As rehearsals on her last performance unfold, we also discover the legacy of the Catalan actress. Antaviana Films has been in charge of the film’s graphics, the mix and sound adaptation and the editing of the film’s different versions. Antaviana has also been in charge of making the DCP master. It’s been an extremely delicate and beautiful process. Antaviana is very proud to have taken part in this heartfelt homage.



Mª Rosa Fusté

Directora / CEO


Mireia Aragonés



Cristina Garmón

Postproduction & VFX Manager


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