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January 24, 2020

Films post produced at Antaviana Films have been the big winners at the Catalan Cinema Awards

At the XIIth edition of the Catalan Film Academy Gaudí Awards five pictures post produced at Antaviana Films have been big winners.

The night’s main winner “la Hija de un Ladrón” directed by  Belén Funes has been recognized by the Academy with three main statuettes: Best Script. Best Director and Best Film in a non-Catalan language.

On t...

January 2, 2020

Antaviana Films is now a member of  the Netflix’s Creative Post Picture programme in the Silver category

Antaviana Films professional excellence is now strengthened with the news that the company is now a member of Creative Post Picture of the Netflix Post Partner programme in the Silver category. Antaviana Films is the only company in Barcelona to have received such category.

Netflix acknowledges in this way the technical rigou...

December 8, 2019

Nominations include Best Editor for Bernat Aragonès (“La Hija de un Ladrón”) and Best SFX for “Born a King”

Public disclosure of Nominees for the XIIth edition of the Gaudí Awards has let a sum total of 24 nominations for films post produced at Antaviana Films.

Belén Funes’ “La Hija de un Ladrón” has been nominated 13 times in different categories, amongst them Best Editing for Bernat Aragonès and Best Post Production Director f...

December 8, 2019

The spinoff to the successful series post produced at Antaviana Films already on the Movistar + platform

Last season of the very successful series “Merlí” can already be seen on Movistar + and will be broadcasted on TV3 this year. It’s Movistar +’s first Catalan language production, although after its success in Spain and Latin America the use of Castilian in the series shall grow considerably. This spin off, as the previous se...

December 7, 2019

Belén Funes’ “La Hija de un ladrón” nominated for Best First Time Director and Best Actress

Nominations for the Spanish Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences have given two Goya Awards options for films post produced at Antaviana Films. Belén Funes’ first feature “La Hija de Un Ladrón” has been nominated for Best First Time Director and Best Actress for Greta Fernández in her role of Sara, a young single mum who’s been alone her...

December 3, 2019

Seven Films which have been processed at Antaviana Films’ studios have been nominated for the Catalan Film Academy’s Gaudí Awards

As the countdown commences to know which productions have been awarded this year at the 12th Edition of the Catalan Film Academy’s Gaudí Awards, Antaviana Films has seven nominated productions. These are films which have been processed in our studios at different stages of post-production.

The nominat...

November 11, 2019

This TV movie based in Jordi Galceran’s play and produced by Focus Audiovisual is being post produced at Antaviana Films

The TV version of Jordi Galceran’s play “El Crèdit” starts its post production process this week at Antaviana Films. This TV movie directed by Abel Folk and Joan Riedweg is a production by Focus Audiovisual in coproduction with TV3 and RTVE and has been shot in two different original versions: one in Catalan...

November 8, 2019

Belén Funes’s first feature post-produced at Antaviana Films singled out at the Som Cinema Film Festival and Valladolid’s Seminci

After its successful screening at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Belén Funes’s first feature “La Hija de un Ladróns” has received important awards at the prestigious Valladolid’s Seminci and a the Som Cinema Film Festival.

The 64th edition of Valladolid’s Semicni has distinguished Belé...

October 30, 2019

Antaviana Films will take part in a new project by well-know Italian director and master of the “giallo

Italian filmmaker Dario Argento carries on undefeated with new projects. During the last edition of the Sitges International Films Festival he showed the latest teaser to his new TV series “Belle bimbe addormentare” where he develops further his “giallo” genre.

Antaviana Films, which will take part in this project has already...

October 30, 2019

As befits its entrepreneurial spirit, Antaviana Films is now fully equipped with the latest technology required to work with Netflix, Movistar +, HBO, etc

At Antaviana Films we are now fully equipped with the necessary technology to work with the great streaming platforms of the audiovisual sector making us a point of reference in the country for all postproduction processes in film and serial content. Antaviana Films complies...

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